Monday, November 28, 2011

More Photos of Participants from LJA Conf.

Shivprasad, Varanasi

Shivmoorat, Varanasi

Sanjay Kumar, Varanasi

Sunil Yadav, Allahabad

Some more photos

Neela Hardikar, Muraina

Parmita, Varanasi

Medha, Delhi

Balwant, Ballia

Pankaj, Delhi

More Photos- Participants in LJA Conf.

Ehsan Ali, Varanasi

Nandlal Singh, Chandauli

Shafiqurrahaman, Varanasi

Radhadevi, Varanasi

Chanda Yadav, Varanasi

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Some artists in session on Art and Media

Swati, Pune, Singing a sant Bahinabai pad in Marathi

Narsing Rao, Chirala, talking about sculpture in the lokavidya world

Manju, Singrauli, Singing a lokageet

Vaidani Sarojini, East Godavari Dist., singing a lokageet in Telugu

Haridev, Samastipur, reciting a poem

Sessions, stalls and meals - LJA Conf.

Prof. Mohini Mullick (extreme left), chair, session on global people's struggles and lokavidya perspective. Lina Dokuzovic speaking.

Dialogue in the evening

Registration and books stall

Participants having food

Participants having food

Some posters in LJA Conf.

Sculpture by Narsing Rao, Chirala

Poster from Indore team

Friday, November 25, 2011

Session Moderators in LJA Conf.

Ajay, Singrauli

Saumya, Gudgaon

Gunjan, Sonbhadra

Ravi Shekhar, Lucknow

Ekta, Lucknow, with Chitraji

Speakers from the regions- some more photos

Poornima, Delhi

Niroop Reddy, Hyderabad

Ashwini Pankaj, Ranchi

Jai Sen, Delhi

Ravindra Pathak, Gaya

Speakers from different regions in LJA - Photos

Abhijit, Hyderabad

Narayan Rao, Hyderabad

Avinash, Delhi

Lina, Vienna

Parth Sarathi , Kolkata

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Reporting and Dialoguing Further

After the Lokavidya Jan Andolan Conference ( 12-14 Nov. 2011), so far we have posted on this blog a brief report of the same and a set of photographs. More photographs will be posted as we proceed. We have all the photographs here at Vidya Ashram and our handling capacity is limited therefore the delays and lack of order in the presentation. It can easily happen that what should have been posted earlier appears only later.

A longer report is in the making. However what is felt important here is the need to critically review what happened in Varanasi in the name of LJA Conference. Your comments are invited. Please find time to post your comments on this blog, they may be short and they can be longer. If there is any difficulty in posting, please send the write up to us, we will post it.

Also please find time to send us in writing what you said in the Conference. Those of you who were not in the Conference , may send too what they would have said here, had they been present. We intend to put such material together to prepare an out put which may be useful for work in future.

Suggestions are invited too for future work shaping the Lokavidya Jan Andolan. You may indicate how you propose to associate with and contribute to the LJA.

Just say what you want to say. Let this blog truly become an open forum for LJA.

Sunil Sahasrabudhey

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Uttar Pradesh Farmer Leaders in LJA

Deevanchand Chaudhary, BKU U.P. President

Babulal Manav, BKU Leader from Ghazipur

Ghanshyam Varma, BKU U.P. General Secretary

Laxman Prasad, BKU Varanasi Dist. President

Dilip Kumar 'Dili', BKU Varanasi Div. General Secretary