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घाटाबिल्लोद में ज्ञान पंचायत

इंदौर के पास घाटाबिल्लोद नाम के गाँव में 9 सितम्बर 2012 को एक ज्ञान पंचायत हुई जिसमें लगभग 35 गांवों के किसानों और आदिवासियों ने हिस्सा लिया। यह ज्ञान पंचायत पीथमपुर के औद्योगिक क्षेत्र के विस्तार से पैदा हो रही समस्याओं पर विचार के लिए आयोजित की गयी थी। लोकविद्या समन्वय समिति की और से आयोजित इस ज्ञान पंचायत में लगभग 200 लोगों की भागीदारी में औद्योगिक विस्तार से हो रहे लोकाविद्याधर समाज के विस्थापन पर विस्तार से चर्चा हुई। इन बातों पर भी गंभीर चर्चा हुई की इस प्रक्रिया में एक तो राष्ट्रीय संसाधनों तक लोगों की पहुँच घट जाती है और साथ ही उनकी आय कम होने के साथ-साथ उसकी अनिश्चितता भी बढ़ जाती है। लोकविद्या के बल पर जीने के अधिकार और लोकविद्या बाज़ार की बात भी विभिन्न वक्ताओं ने की।

स्थानीय लोगों के अलावा इंदौर से अनिल त्रिवेदी, तपन भट्टाचार्य व लोकविद्या समन्वय समिति के कार्यकर्ता शामिल हुए। सिंगरौली से रविशेखर और एकता तथा वाराणसी से दिलीप कुमार 'दिली' की भागीदारी रही। प्रमुख संगठन कर्ता संजीव दाजी रहे जिनका पंचायत में बोलते हुए चित्र नीचे दिया जा रहा है।

सबको सिंगरौली में प्रस्तावित 28-30 सितम्बर 2012 के मध्य प्रदेश सम्मलेन में आने का निमंत्रण दिया गया। उस क्षेत्र से एक लोकविद्या यात्रा निकाल कर तमाम बीच के जिलों के ग्रामीण इलाकों से होते हुए  सिंगरौली तक ले जाने का मन बनाया गया।

 संजीव दाजी बोलते हुए

लोकविद्या समन्वय समिति

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Madhya Pradesh LJA Conference, Singrauli

Singrauli Conference Invitation/Announcement
Lokavidya Jan Andolan
First State Level Conference, Madhya Pradesh
28-30 September, 2012, Singrauli
Venue : Lokavidya Ashram, Vindhya Nagar, behind Shivaji Complex, Dhoti, Baidhan, Dist. Singrauli (M.P.)
It has been decided to hold the first state level conference of Lokavidya Jan Andolan in Madhya Pradesh in Singrauli between 28-30 Sept. 2012. This conference will discuss the issues of regular employment on the basis of lokavidya, equal distribution of national resources like electricity and displacement of people from their lands, work, knowledge and other resources. It will also discuss ways and means of taking this knowledge movement of the people forward in Madhya Pradesh. You are cordially invited, do come.
The first international conference of Lokavidya Jan Andolan was held at Vidya Ashram in Varanasi in November 2011. The Bihar state level convention was organized in Darbhanga on 31st March-1st April, 2012. Then on 24-25 May, 2012, a regional conference of Lokavidya Jan Andolan was held in Chirala in Andhra Pradesh.
Lokavidya resides in society. Peasants, artisans, adivasis, hawkers, pavement and slum dwellers, people’s artists, fishermen, health workers, and many others including the women of their families, who have never gone to a college or university are the people who organize their livelihoods on the basis of lokavidya and also serve society in the process. They may together be called lokavidyadhar samaj . These people have no fixed income. They have been kept away from the national resources and they are the ones who are victims of displacement.
Lokavidya Jan Andolan is a knowledge movement of lokavidyadhar samaj which is developing a new paradigm of radical social change. It is our understanding that university knowledge is an equal party in creating the huge inequality in modern societies and in the destruction of nature, therefore solutions cannot be provided by the same knowledge. The claim is that lokavidya is that foundational knowledge which can liberate humanity from the crisis it is in.
It will be a mistake to think of lokavidya as remnants of traditional knowledge. Lokavidya renews itself every day. Those who live by lokavidya develop it constantly based on their needs and experiences and their own genius. Lokavidya integrally embodies the knowledge of society, nature and morality. In the industrial age, science and the university were responsible for the refusal to accept lokavidya as knowledge at all and in tune with it the lokavidyadhar samaj was declared ignorant, stupid and incapable of any initiative. Perhaps the secret of extreme poverty and exploitation of people and the destruction of Nature is hidden in this historic indignity heaped on humanity. Lokavidya Jan Andolan challenges this situation. It is a movement for economic, political, cultural, philosophical and social dignity of lokavidya. It is in this that the sources of liberation of lokavidyadhjar samaj lie, and with this the path of liberation of the whole society.
Those living by lokavidya are facing displacement almost everywhere in Madhya Pradesh and with this they are denied any access to the national resources resulting in a complete destabilization of their already low incomes. Their lives stand uprooted no end. Singrauli, Sidhi, Rewa, Satna, Katni, Shahdol, Anuppur, Jabalpur, Baitul, Khandwa, Badwani, Dhar, Jhabua, Indore, and many more districts of Madhya Pradesh are witnessing struggles against displacement. The policies of Globalization, privatization and liberalization have led to Special Economic Zones, Industrial Corridor, Power Projects and many other such huge initiatives in rural and remote areas displacing adivasis and peasants from their livelihoods and pushing them into conditions which disable them from using their own knowledge, lokavidya. Generally in Central India and also in Madhya Pradesh it is a common site that immense force is used to wrest control of forest, minerals, water, and all kinds of natural resources from the people. This Madhya Pradesh conference of Lokavidya Jan Andolan may be seen as an important link in the developing knowledge movement to challenge this situation.
28 Sept. 2012   
Agaria Panchayat with Iron Smelting Demonstration
12.00  Noon
29 Sept. 2012   
Keynote addresses and discussions on the following 
1.      The idea of Lokavidya Jan Andolan
2.      Struggles against displacement and the lokavidya point of view.
3.      Jobs for everybody on the basis of lokavidya with salaries equal to a government employee.
4.      Electricity distribution policy must be announced before expansion in power production. Village must get as much electricity as the metropolis.

10.00 in the morning to 6.00 in the evening

30 Sept. 2012   
1.      Lokavidya Jan Andolan in Madhya Pradesh – The Way Ahead.
2.      Resolutions of the Conference

9.00 am to 2.00 pm

·         Lokavidya Yatra : From Indore in western Madhya Pradesh a group is undertaking a Yatra through the rural areas of various districts to reach Jabalpur and then to Singrauli. Starting on 14 Sept. from the village Sondwa in dist. Alirajpur, the yatra will move through Dhar, Badwani, Khargoan, Khandwa, Harda, Hoshangabad and Narsingpur to reach Jabalpur on 27Sept. (Contact : Sanjeev Daji 9926426858, Indore)
·         Please see the blog for news on preparation of the conference.
·        Lodging and boarding arrangements will be made by the organizers.

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