Friday, February 25, 2011

Search for a sound political philosophy ?

The posting of Feb 18,02.14 AM, "LOKAVIDYA JAN ANDOLAN AND/OR GYAN MUKTI?", fairly accurately captures our collective mind at the end of its tether in dealing with the complex problem of 'What then must we do?'. M.K.Gandhi's solution:

"Be the change you want to see in the world"

ignores 'two' factors, our limited capacity and the recalcitrant nature of the world, identified by Rosseau long ago:

"The flaws which make social institutions necessary are the same as the abuse of them unavoidable".

If,as I am inclined to believe, our Sysiphus-like condition is inevitable, I find the suggestion, "Perhaps the idea of a lokavidya andolan is search for a sound political philosophy which is able to stir the imagination of all those who find contemporary versions of 'The way of Tradition' and 'the way of Modernity' not very attractive or life-enhancing" appealing.Perhaps it can also help identify the half-truths in the various postings.Even more importantly, it may suggest a way out of the performative paradoxes of our (1) communitarian (2) universalist and (3)post-modernist political philosophies.


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