Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lokavidya Ashram

The idea of building Lokavidya Ashrams has been in debate for quite some time now among the close associates of  Vidya Ashram. Preliminary explorations have been done in Varanasi, Singrauli, Indore, Darbhanga and Hyderabad. These ashrams mainly located in the rural areas are expected to become places that symbolize the emergence of lokavidya philosophy as a social force and also develop into some kind of models of processes that are entirely inclusive in the knowledge domain. In a broad sense the objective of these ashrams could be 'contribution to the development of a knowledge based society in place of the present capital based society'.
The following is proposed for discussion on the question of thought and activity of the Ashram.
  1. Lokavidya Ashrams give equal respect to all traditions and locations of knowledge, refusing to accept any hierarchy in the world of knowledge.
  2. These ashrams stake a claim of unconditional priority  for lokavidya in the sense that all knowledge starts with lokavidya and must return to the world of lokavidya. Knowledge that does not come back to lokavidya becomes an enemy of the human kind, nature and society.
  3. These ashrams are the places from where Lokavidyadhar Samaj, that is peasants, adivasis, artisans, local artists, women, small retailers and those who genuinely serve the society derive their epistemic energies. 
  4. Here Gyan Panchayats take place on the problems of society. 
  5. Lokavidya Satsang are organized in these places.
  6. These ashrams shall actively initiate processes for building the competencies of the children and youth of the lokavidyadhar samaj in the areas of language, art, communication and connectivity. 
  7. The ashrams shall shape a concept and practice of 'epistemic up-bringing' and 'epistemic socialization' which is true to the values of lokavidya.

Vidya Ashram

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