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LOKAVIDYA JAN ANDOLAN MEETING, May 2012, Chirala, Andhra Pradesh

24th and 25th May 2012, Chirala,Andhra Pradesh

A two-day Lokavidya Jan Andolan meeting was held at Chirala, Andhra Pradesh on 24th and 25th May,2012. The meeting was held at SB & SN High School and was attended by about 75 activists of the Handloom Weavers Association, Srikakulam Peoples Action Committee, Dalit and Tribal rights activists, farmers association etc.

First day, 24th May,2012
The first session speeches by Krishnarajulu and Narayana Rao centred on the role and relevance of Lokavidya in forming the basis for united action by various sections of Lokavidyadhar samaj against the exploitative and anti-people policies and programmes of the government, industrial and multinational institutions. The demand for a right to livelihood based on Lokavidya and for a minimum wage for ALL Lokavidya based productive and service activity (currently not covered under MNREGA) was explained in detail. These ideas were received very well by all present.

                                  Krishnarajulu and Narayan Rao addresing the gathering
The afternoon session started with a report by activists from Srikakulam regarding their 2 year old agitation against land acquisition for the proposed thermal power plants in Kakarapalli and Somapeta. A photo exhibition showed the inhuman atrocities perpetrated by the police and officials on the agitating men and women. These activists were very appreciative of the ongoing LJA and expressed a desire to join in this nation- wide movement. Tribal rights activists then outlined the struggles in the tribal areas for the rights of tribal people to market minor forest produce and against acquisition of forest areas.

Section of the gathering at the meeting

A public meeting was held at Jandrapeta square on the evening of the first day and was addressed by Krishnarajulu, Narayana Rao, Mohan Rao, Rama Rao (all of LJA) and Subba Rao (of Dalit centre)

Second day, 25th May 2012

The session started off with a report by Subba Rao of Dalit Centre on the current thinking in the dalit movement and was followed by a report on the labour movement yby a former Trade Union leader. Handloom Weavers Association leaders spoke about their struggles and demands and Mohan Rao explained the importance of LJA .

The following resolutions were passed at the conclusion of the meeting at about 1 p.m. on 25th.
  1. Every person has the right to pursue a livelihood based on his/her knowledge(Lokavidya) and there should be a constitutionally guaranteed Right to do so.
  2. Every person should receive a minimum wage for whatever productive or service activity he/she is engaged in.
  3. The proposal to acquire farmlands or water bodies should be placed before the appropriate local body/community of farmers, tribals or fisherfolk and their unanimous consent be obtained before any acquisition takes place.
  4. The meeting resolved to promote and expand the LJA in every possible way.

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