Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Invitation to Participate in this Debate on Caste

This is to invite you to join this debate on caste. Please find time to write on this blog.

This debate on caste in lokavidya perspective started by Krishnarajulu and Surendran on 15 January 2014 on this blog was already taking place between some LJA activists like Lalit Kaul, Avinash, Surendran and myself. The views of these people then expressed have been all put in the comment box under Krishnarajulu's post of January 15. I am writing this here because the comment box writings do not go to the mail boxes of the subscribers to this blog, also with the request that you may please visit the blog and have a look at these.

This is further to say that the Lokavidya Movement has been confronting the caste question since the beginning. We wrote on issues related to caste in Lokavidya Panchayat, the Hindi periodical when there was a proposal to include caste in the 2011 census. However no directed debate was tried earlier. There is a consensus that such a debate is of utmost importance from the LJA point of view. Further, since lately the polity has been experiencing a serious disturbance through a wave claiming and garnering support for a new political culture, this is also an opportune time to debate caste and knowledge based transcendence of the reality as given. So this is to invite you to participate. You may write in Hindi, Telugu, Marathi or in any other language.

Sunil Sahasrabudhey

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