Monday, September 15, 2014

Weaver-Artisan Lokavidya-March and Artisan-Farmer Gyan-Panchayat in Varanasi on 18-19 Sept. 2014

Artisans and Farmers Raise Their Voice 

Everybody Must Have a Stable and Regular Income 
This Income Should be Equal to that of a 
Government Employee

Program in Varanasi 

18th September 2014 : 

  • At 4 in the afternoon - A Lokavidya-March by Weavers and other Artisans from Pilikothi to Town Hall ( 1 km)
  • At 7 in the evening - Lokavidya Gyan Panchayat on Bhainsasur Ghat

19th September 2014 : 

  • From 11 in the morning - Lokavidya Dialogue on this topic in Vidya Ashram, Sarnath

Vidya Ashram

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