Monday, April 13, 2015

Lokavidya Jan Andolan Work Plan for the year

Lokavidya Jan Andolan
National Secretariat, 10-100 New Gaddiannaram, Hyderabad 500060

Programme for the year

1. LJA mobilisation within Lokavidya Samaj will continue at various places and will concentrate on
(i) reiterating and strengthening the belief of the Samaj in Lokavidya- The slogan “Lokavidya CAN & WILL deliver!” This is a very important aspect of the Gyan Andolan
  1. raising and spreading the demand for equal wage for Lokavidya based work
  2. strengthening of local market
2. Meetings to spread these ideas will be taken up at local market/shandies sites across the country in as many places as possible i.e we will organise and address such meetings wherever and whenever possible and Lokavidya literature will be distributed at these meetings.
3. Political leaders who have taken an anti-capitalist market position will be talked to as and when possible. e.g Nitish Kumar in Bihar, Mamata in Bengal, Kejriwal in Delhi etc and our literature will be sent to such political leaders/activists.
4. Our publications on these issues will be selectively distributed by post to politicians/activists who have openly taken an anti-capitalist-market stand irrespective of their party affiliations.

5. The LJA Secretariat will function from Hyderabad and coordinate the activities of various units across the country . Members at Hyderabad and Sarnath/Varanasi will asssist and participate, to the extent possible, in the programmes of the units

6. Funds will be mobilised to meet the requirements of the Secretariat. The Prapancham account will serve as the bank account for this purpose and accounts will be maintained by a member of the Hyderabad unit.

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