Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Nationwide Fast 10th April 2020

The poster above is prepared by Gram Sewa Sangh, Bengaluru  in its campaign #KaronaKuch as part of the movement for Sacred Economy. They have given this call for fast on 10th April to express solidarity with and support for the migrant workers  who are facing unprecedented misery and are presently in an exodus from the metros to their home places compelled by the crisis precipitated by the spread of the corona virus and the apathy of the governments. 
This is also a call for thinking about reorganization and reconstruction of the economy and society centered on the villages and bastis where the farmers and artisans live. The Lokavidya movement sees also a silver line in an imagination that reinstates the farmer and the artisan who have been forced to become workers by the capitalist and imperialist economies.
Vidya Ashram inmates and several activists of Varanasi are joining this fast.

Sunil Sahasrabudhey
Vidya Ashram 

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