Monday, May 19, 2014


India Inc’s memo to Narendra Modi is already ready, even before he takes oath as Prime Minister of the country. India Inc needs to be informed categorically and assertively that Sri Modi is not where he is, on his own, due to their money power; because Manmohan Singh’s UPA also had their backing in all possible ways, but UPA could never gather the numbers as BJP has done in the just bygone elections.

BJP’s thumping victory is for the singular reason that the Lokavidhyadhar samaj chose to transcend itself above all distinctions hitherto based on caste, religion, communalism versus secularism, and more importantly the doles offered by the UPA government to them. The samaj has dispatched with contempt the farcical issue of communalism versus secularism to the dustbins of the history. All this because they conscientiously chose to put their faith in Narendra Modi because of the promises that he made to them in his election speeches.

Sri Modi rightly says- keeping his ‘humility’ aside for a moment- that he credits this phenomenal victory to millions of RSS BJP and other Sangh Parivar’s outfits. Obviously then they would have been in continuous discourse with  the members of the Lokavidhyadhar samaj to explain to them the significance – the letter and spirit – of what Modi had been untiringly trying to convey to the masses during his election campaign. This live contact, in my opinion, can be the starting point for the samaj for further course of action.

Lokavidhyadhar samaj responsibility has increased many folds with such an outcome of electoral results. They need to be conscious of this historical fact that Modi is where he is only and only because of them regardless of what quantum of money was poured in to these elections by India Inc because had they not voted for Modi, the money would have gone down the drain.

Therefore, while the samaj may discover ways and means to communicate to Modi – through his karyakartas- their requirements/demands/expectations; at the same time the samaj need to understand that this is their best chance to prepare themselves for being the alternative at the Centre, in 2019, if Modi fails to deliver on his promises and more so on their requirements and demands for affording them reasonable opportunities to live dignified life based on their gyan, vigyan, hunar and associated professions. The message that has to go to Modi neat and clean is that the samaj does not want doles.

If Modi fails, the space, the void that it will create; that political space the samaj must plan to capture right from today. The capacity to transcend all divisions, distinctions and discriminations has been displayed amply by the samaj in the just concluded elections; therefore with the same hope and resolve they need to transcend all the barriers while planning to occupy the political space for putting their government in place in Delhi. They need to look within and create the self belief within the samaj that if they can be instrumental in handing out such a victory to somebody who does not necessarily represent their aspirations, they sure can do the same for their own selves.

On the other hand, the Karigar samaj, the tribals, the kisans need to plan for and organize themselves in a way to come under one umbrella and through the ‘karyakartas’ make efforts to seek appointment with Modi to place before him their requirements and demands; like India Inc will do. They trusted the karyakartas and voted for Modi; Modi gives credit to them for his landslide victory; karyakartas need extend that credit to Lokavidhyadhar samaj. In the process of trying to directly access Modi, the intent of karyakartas and their undisputed leader will emerge loud and clear. The character of intent shall form a powerful basis for the samaj to chalk out their future course of action that culminates in to a world of their thought, belief, and choosing.

If ‘karyakartas’ dodge on them; the samaj under one umbrella, in my opinion, need to take out rallies seeking direct meeting with Modi on their aspirations and their right to live with dignity and like true contributors to the socio-economic growth of our country.

The samaj need to pronounce with candour that Modi has come to power because of them and not because of India Inc. 

Lalit Kaul 
Lokavidya Jan Andoaln , Hyderabad

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