Thursday, May 14, 2015

Lokavidya Swaraj

News from LJA Hyderabad 

On 10th May, I attended the day long District Jana Chenetha (Handloom weavers) Meeting held at Madanapalli of Chittoor district, where it was resolved that only local goods produced by the artisans be used by the weavers to bring about a bondage among the artisans communities. 

On 12th May, there was a meeting of Swaraj Abhiyan addressed by Yogandra Yadav. We were there and Krishnarajulu spoke exceedingly well.  We distributed, to nearly 100 persons, the latest Lokavidya Prapancham issue,  LJA bulletins in Telugu on Local Market and Agaria Vidya and the Telugu and Urdu bulletins on Stable and Government Type Incomes to All those who work with Lokavidya. 

Narayan Rao

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