Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Time Table Mumbai Meetings 23-24 Feb. 2013

Meetings of Vidya Ashram Samiti, Lokavidya Jan Andolan (LJA) Samitis & Lokavidya Tana-Bana

Venue : Lodging, Boarding and Meeting 
 Bio-Medical Ethics Center, St. Pius College, Arey Road, Goregaon East, Mumbai 

The two day schedule given below gives the details of how the discussion in these meetings in Mumbai is proposed to be organized. In the beginning participants may suggest changes or modifications and then finalize it. The issues and topics have been before us for preparatory discussions for  some time now.

The first point about the Present Situation and the Lokavidya Standpoint is expected to provide the general context for the discussions that would follow. The entire breadth of this topic cannot be covered in a short span which is available for it and we would like to focus on the question of political imagination that the lokavidya standpoint may be said to breed. What are the essential features and principles around which such political imagination needs to build itself ? What is the nature of that society whose knowledge bases are mainly in lokavidya ? Do we need to think in terms of Swaraj and not Democracy ? Does the space of connectivity among the lokavidyadhar samaj provides the new location of initiating the desired change ? How can ideas of self-organization, autonomy and emergence be seen as located in a people's space, being shaped and nurtured by lokavidya initiatives ? What are the practical questions before an LJA activist ? Are we engaged in a 'war' to demolish the present and build afresh or in some kind of a 'grand negotiation' to retrieve the lost spaces and secure fresh ones ? We may raise these and similar questions in the first hour to underline the broad context and direction for the dialogue in the two days.

The Time Table 

The names mentioned are of those who are expected to initiate discussion on the respective point, everyone will have the opportunity to express his/her view. The time given is the total time for that topic.

23 Feb. 2013 

Ashram Samiti  
  1. Welcome, introduction & schedule                    10.00-10.30     Krishnarajulu
  2. Present situation and the lokavidya standpoint    10.30-11.30     Sunil
  3. Lokavidya Jan Andolan-Report                         11.30-11.45     Chitra
  4. Tea                                                                   11.45-12.00
  5. Lokavidya Ashram                                12.00-1.00   Dilip, Sanjeev, Ekta                                                                                                                   
  6. Lunch                                                    1.00-2.00 
  7. Lokavidya Darshan                                2.00-3.00   Avinash, Surendran, Suresh                                                                                                  
  8. Research & Translation                          3.00-3.30   Krishnarajulu, Naresh
  9. Tea                                                        3.30-3.45   
  10. Publication & Internet                             3.45-5.00       
  • Telugu Publication                                                               Narayan Rao
  • Marathi Publication                                                             Girish
  • Hindi Publication                                                                 Chitra                                                                                          
  • English Publication                                                               Amit/Sunil
  • Website                                                                              Surendran
  • Blog -  lokavidyajanandolan.blogspot.com                           Chitra                
                  -  lokavidyaashramsingrauli.blogspot.in                             Ravi Shekhar
   13. Finances                                                            5.00-5.30       Sunil
   14. Kelai Draupadi film screening                       6.00-8.00        Sashikanth
  15. Dinner                                                                8.30                                        

24 Feb. 2013

  1. Meeting Lokavidya Jan Andolan Sanyojan Samiti & Salahakar Samiti  10.00-1.00
  • Reports from different regions - Sanjeev, Ravi, Premlata Singh, Mohan Rao, Vijay Kumar, 
  • LJA-Idea & Practice : Program for the next year  -   Chitra
    2. Lunch                                1.00-2.00 

    3. Lokavidya Tana-Bana    2.00-4.30  Sunil , Mansoor Khan, Sashikanth, Chalam Bennurkar  
    4. Conclusion : Viewing the decisions taken in the two days.

Vidya Ashram 

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