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Lokavidya Samaj Samagam, Indore 21-22 Feb. 2015

(हिंदी में निमंत्रण व कार्यक्रम अगले दो दिन में इस ब्लॉग पर आ जाएगा).

For more than two months now discussions have been going on within LJA about the time, place and content of its next yearly meeting. Based on these consultations the Indore group went into a preparatory mode and came up with a plan. The last call was taken in a meeting at Hyderabad on 11th Jan. 2015. Following is the result.

This year's Lokavidya Jan Andolan (LJA) National Meeting is planned to be held in Indore on 21-22 Feb. 2015. On the first day is planned a gathering of lokavidya-samaj, mainly drawing participation from Indore region but also from other parts of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. There will be participation of activists from Darbhanga, Varanasi, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Chirala and many places of struggle and LJA activity in Madhya Pradesh. The second day will be devoted to discussions on the present state of LJA and where the Sanyojan Samiti wishes to take it. Given below is the program in brief

21st Feb. 2015  

10 am to 5 pm              
Lokavidya-Samaj Gyan Panchayat  in the Municipality Community Hall in old mill area.      

  1. Lokavidya-Samaj and its knowledge movement - presentations by a couple of senior activists.
  2. Talks by the representatives of different segments of lokavidya-samaj and by some activists coming from other regions of Madhya Pradesh and other states.
  3. Film show 'Lokavidya-Samaj ka Dava' , made in two villages in Indore region where peasants have been waging struggle against forced land acquisition, produced by artists in Indore. 
  4. Discussions and resolutions for programs
Evening 7 to 9 pm   
Stri Ka Gyan Amar Hai Bhai  at the Malwa Mill square in the open
  1. Lokavidya Gayaki satsang 
  2. Nukkad natak, geet, kavya path 
  3. Film show 'Lokavidya-Samaj ka Dava'
  4. Knowledge claims of lokavidya-samaj - speeches by representatives of lokavidya-samaj focusing on stable and regular income on the basis of lokavidya, equivalent to the remuneration of a government employee.  

22nd Feb. 2015 

Lokavidya Jan Andolan Sanyojan Samiti Baithak in the Municipality Community Hall in old mill area.    

10 am to 1 pm 
  1. People's knowledge movements in India and across the globe. 
  2. Reports and future plans from Hyderabad, Chirala, Nagpur, Indore, Singrauli, Varanasi, Darbhanga.
  3. Proposal-The main Secretariat of LJA to be shifted from Varanasi to Hyderabad.
2 pm to 5 pm 
  1. Bauddhik Satyagraha - Proposal of a new dialogue and program from Vidya Ashram Sarnath.
  2. Publication - Responsibilities to be taken up by different persons for different languages.
  3. WSF Tunis 24-28 March 2015. Starting a debate on the idea of a global fraternity of people's knowledge movements (one booklet ) and the new resistance in the world of knowledge (Bauddhik Satyagraha bulletin).
  4. Activity on the internet - Reporting, debates, participation, lokavidya presence, blog, website, wiki, U-tube, social media, audio-video clips. 
  5. Finances
Vidya Ashram

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