Sunday, June 8, 2014

LJA and Modi


  1. I like to raise two points:
    1. Bharatiya Loksamaj has chosen Modi as a Ruler and not as a Representative of them. If Lokosamaj would think of a representation for their constituency or the country as a whole, then there would be some ‘people’s issues’ to be considered by Loksamaj. But in the last election, issues were very much insignificant in all campaigns. Loksamaj voted in favour of the charisma of individual candidate, particularly Modi.
    2. The champion of the campaign was big media, not the parties or RSS. The present big media and the politics led by it have a huge and serious disconnect with the people (Lok) and the actual social processes. If the Loksamaj wants to act according to their own knowledge (Lokvidya), they have to fight out their mediatized existence or media-fetish.
    Jiten Nandi, Kolkata

  2. This type of process (elect representatives for a Westminister-type democracy) is quite alien to Lokavidya samaj. They choose representatives to their gram sabhas/panchayats knowing full well the role, responsibilities and privileges of such representatives because it is based on their conception of a peoples democracy.
    So, you are very right when you say that they have chosen a ruler or manager of the current 'national enterprise' !

    It is inevitable that a peoples' media develops to carry forth the ideas and aspirations of Lokavidya Samaj.