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Invitation: Kisan Karigar Mahapanchayat, Varanasi, 16 October, 2016


Kisan-Karigar Mahapanchayat
16 October 2016

Come to the banks of the Ganga in Varanasi
On Kwar (Ashwin) Purnima at Bhainsasur Ghat
 for a large and open Conference of Farmers and Artisans

A Kisan-KarigarMahapanchayat is being organized on Kwar(Ashwin)Purnima (full moon day ) , Sunday, 16 October, 2016 at 12 noon on Bhainsasur Ghat, Rajghat on the banks of the Ganga at Varanasi. In this Mahapanchayat (conference) the farmers and artisans of the country will raise the following demand –

Every farmer and  artisan/technician family must have a regular,
fixed income equal to that of a government employee.

Join us in raising our voices for this demand!

Farmers and artisans communities have experienced increased exploitation in the past few decades. They are very poor and their real incomes are decreasing continuously. Adivasi (tribal) and small shopkeeper communities are very closely associated with agriculture and artisanary. They too are being displaced from forests and markets . Men and women from all these communities possess vast knowledge of their work. Their knowledge (lokavidya) is not inferior to university knowledge. As long as lokavidya is denied equal status with university knowledge the avenues for ending the exploitation of these communities do not open. For this it is necessary that those who work on the basis of lokavidya earn the same incomes that university educated people command in society.

Our demand, mentioned above, is to open the pathways
 to eradicate poverty and end disparity in society.

Preparations for this Mahapanchayat  have begun in April 2016. More information can be found on this blog (  in posts dated 8, 16, and 18 April 2016. Dialogs and gyanpanchayats have been initiated among kisan and karigar organizations from Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, etc. By September a complete organizing committee will be ready. Three pamphlets have been prepared in the course of these preparations containing information on the organizational work for the mahapanchayat. These pamphlets are available at the links below. A few more will be published soon.

A booklet has also been published clarifying and elaborating the theoretical basis for the demand stated above.  It is available here in Hindi and here in English.

We appeal to all farmers , artisans, technicians, their organizations, and those organizations and individuals keeping sympathy and solidarity with them to participate in this mahapanchayat in large numbers. Please come forward and become involved in planning it, and contribute materially and mentally to make it happen. For this you may contact the persons whose names are given below.  

Please come forward to prepare a consensus for this demand among the people you work with or are in contact with. We invite you to join us by contributing your experience and thoughts so that we may work towards ending the exploitation of the lokavidya-samaj by preparing the social, economic, and philosophical grounds for this demand.

Dilip Kumar ‘dili’                         Premlata Singh                              Lakshman Prasad
 (+91-9452824380)                (+91- 93691249998)                          (+91-9026219913)
Spokes Person                         Editor, Karigar Nazariya             BKU, President Distr. Varanasi             
Lokavidya Jan Andolan &
BKU Varanasi Mandal President

For English speaking contact
 Amit Basole                                   

 Office for Coordinating the Mahapanchayat  
 Vidya Ashram , Varanasi


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