Saturday, April 5, 2014

LJA Press Conferences Proposal

Since we wrote the previous post reporting the Nagpur meeting of 29th March, there has been discussion here about the role of LJA in the present situation. There are two ways -
(i) At different places where we are active we may ally with other organizations to take a general stand, organize meetings and campaigns which we are already doing at many places,  and
(ii)  LJA may take a public stand in the present situation at least in places where there is LJA initiative at work.
It seems it would be appropriate if we held press conferences at Nagpur, Patna/Darbhanaga, Singrauli/Bastar, Indore/Bhopal, Hyderabad, Vijaywada and Varanasi. Girish, Vijay Kumar, Ravishekhar, Sanjeev, Awdhesh, Krishnarajulu, Narayan Rao, Mohan Rao, Dilip may please pay attention to this and do the needful.
These press conferences need to be held before the polling in these cities. Reference may be taken of our Multai LJA Conference (Blog post 21 January 2014), Varanasi Kisan-Karigar Panchayat (Blog post 22 February 2014), and Nagpur Meeting (Blog post 3rd April 2014). The press statement may contain the general LJA stand, some issues specific to that region, the absence of any promise for the poor and the deprived in the General Election which this time has become the agency for co-option of the people's movements. One may talk about the necessity of rebuilding the people's movement with a contemporary lokavidya knowledge perspective in which  we may like to focus on two of the five points listed in the Multai Conference which relate to -
(i) assured monthly remuneration to lokavidya households equal to the salary of a government employee and
(ii) equal distribution of national resources which includes electricity, water, finance, education and health.

These are only suggestions and the press statements may be prepared at places where the press conference is held.

Sunil Sahasrabudhey
Vidya Ashram

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