Sunday, April 13, 2014

Multai Declaration and the NOTA Option

The election campaign is an opportunity to put forth the requirement and need for unity among the different jatis, dalits and tribals who comprise Lokavidyadhar Samaj i.e it should serve as a platform to appeal for and work towards this unity based on a concept of social and economic equality within the Samaj.
The demands raised at Multai and put forth again at Nagpur and Varanasi reiterate the concept of equality (through a demand for equal value for ALL labour based all ALL knowledge; Lokavidya and University knowledge). An emphasis on equal terms of exchange in a local market context will strengthen the concept of equality (both economic and social) between  the sections of the Samaj. {The demand for an equal share of natural resources reflects an overall concept of equality vis-a-vis nature and the environment and underlies the fundamental concept of social equality }.
If we can get large sections of the Samaj to exercise the NOTA option wherever the candidates do not publicly declare support to the Multai declaration(or part thereof)  as part of our campaign then post-election we can take stock of the impact of our campaign ,especially where we have been relatively more active, in terms of the reception of our ideas within the Samaj. For Multai Declaration see blogpost dated 15th January 2014.

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